Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity

The Eurekaweek is for everyone. For every age, gender, ethnicity and sexuality. Every student has their own identity and participates in the Eurekaweek with a different purpose. It is important to take these different needs into account. Some students, for example, participate just for the parties, others also want to get to know the city and the university. That is why the Eurekaweek also consists of some serious events, where you can get in touch with the associations affiliated with the university. These are not just student and study associations, but also the sports and multicultural associations, and many more! Such events make the Eurekaweek also interesting for people from Rotterdam and surrounding areas, as you do not only get in touch with the city. In addition, the evening program of the Eurekaweek is not limited to just parties. We offer various activities besides these parties to ensure there is something to do for everyone.

Because more and more international students are enrolling for a study program at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, it is important to also get them off to a flying start. That is why an International Day is organized on the Sunday before the official start of Eurekaweek. This day is meant as a soft landing for the international students. Here they can arrange practical matters to get them started in a new country. And for international students who are afraid about not mastering the Dutch language: don't be afraid! The university offers language courses and the Dutch people also have a good command of the English language so there should be no communication barriers!

The Eurekaweek is an event that is open to all new students. This also means that everyone should feel welcome. We therefore urge everyone who is involved with the Eurekaweek to not only acknowledge all these unique personalities but also to respect and embrace them!

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