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Charity Edukans x Eurekaweek

A child that learns, is a child with chances. However, worldwide, 258 million children and youngsters don’t go to school or quit prematurely. Edukans is active in developing countries where it contributes to good quality education, because whatever you learn at school lasts forever!

Edukans X Correctbook

Sustainable teaching materials

This autumn a unique project will start to improve education in Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenia and Ghana. 400.000 primary school children will receive a Correctbook; a notebook with reusable pages and pens with erasable ink.

These notebooks will last throughout primary school, extremely sustainable! With Correctbooks we do not only solve the shortage of teaching materials; it is also a resource to improve teaching. Edukans trains teachers to actively engage children in class by using Correctbooks. As a result, children learn so much more by simply participating. With reusable pages, there are endless possibilities for children to practice, make mistakes and learn.

“Draw 5 trees in you Correctbook,” miss Patience says. Instantly her students start drawing fanatically.  “Now, erase three. How many trees do you have left?” Miss Patience’s math lessons have never been so effective. “Thanks to the Correctbooks children dare to make mistakes and are encouraged to think out-of-the-box. This has immense results for their motivation to think and learn independently!”

The Correctbooks are produced on the continent of Africa and are made from sustainable material that last.

For only €10 you give a child a Correctbook and a pen.

Do you want to help us during the Eurekaweek to provide 1.000 children with sustainable teaching materials?

SMS EDUKANS to 4004 or click below to scan the QR Code:

Edukans x Eurekaweek 2020

Edukans - Active Teaching & Learning met Correctbook

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