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Charity - Join for Joy

61 million children worldwide do not have access to primary education. School sport is a powerful tool to motivate children to come to school and stay at school. By training teachers in rural schools in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, Join for Joy contributes to the right to meaningful education for every child.



Join for Joy supports primary schools in rural areas of Africa with training, material and expertise in implementing a sports and play program. The implementation of a Sports and play program for one primary school consists of 3 training phases, has an average duration of two to three years and costs EUR 10,000.



Join for Joy now gives to more than 39,000 children in elementary schools in Zambia, Kenya and Uganda regular sports and play in order for them to get the chance to be a child and to develop their talents in a playful way. Currently 60 primary schools in the rural areas of Kenya, Uganda and Zambia participate in the Sport and play program of Join for Joy.

Since the introduction of the program, the following results have been established:

  • Fewer dropouts and more attendance of children at school.
  • More energy and concentration during the regular lessons.
  • More confidence and development of undiscovered talents.
  • Girls become confident and resilient.
  • The distance between teacher and child is reduced, making problems that children experience at home or in their environment easier to discuss.


Food Bank

Eurekaweek has been working with the Rotterdam Food Bank for several years. The food left over after lunch on Monday and Tuesday will be donated. In addition, everything else that remains after the week will also be donated to the food bank.