Student Welfare

Student Welfare

Every year we try to improve the well-being of the students during the Eurekaweek even more. There are several factors that impact student well-being. One of these factors is getting enough rest. As probably known by many, there are many associations that organize activities after the official Eurekaweek program has ended. To prevent the participants from not getting enough rest, agreements have been made with these associations about the end times of these activities in order to guarantee the participants a period of rest of 7 hours.

Secondly, it is important to take different needs into account, since every student participates in the Eurekaweek with a different purpose. Some students participate for the parties, others also want to get to know the city and the university. That is why the Eurekaweek also consists of some serious events, such as the Information Market (where you can discover everything the Erasmus University has to offer besides studying) and the Sport & Play (where you can find out everything about the sports associations). In addition, unlike people might think, the activities that are organized after the official Eurekaweek program has ended are not limited to just parties. We offer a broad variety of different activities besides these parties to ensure there is something to do for everyone.

Thirdly, it is important for every participant to feel welcome and safe. Each group has two guides who are always there for the participants during the week. If you have a question your guides cannot answer, you can always come by the service point throughout the entire week!

Lastly, social contacts are very important for the well-being of a student. Friends are not only there to have fun with, but also to support you during difficult times. The Eurekaweek enables you to connect with new people. During the week, the foundations of many new friendships are laid. In addition, many associations promote themselves during the Eurekaweek. These are not just student and study associations, but also the sports and multicultural associations, and many more! By joining an association, you get the opportunity to meet people with similar interests!

The Eurekaweek is an event that is open to all new students. You will get to know the city of Rotterdam, the student life, and the Erasmus University in your own way. Whatever your interests may be, we will ensure you that the Eurekaweek will be an unforgettable experience for everyone.


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