During the Eurekaweek there are 3 places where you can stay overnight:

  • at the University campus (Woudestein) 
  • at one of the houses of the student associations
  • at your home/student house


Overnight accommodation at campus Woudestein at EUR

Due to the intensity of the day, evening and night programme, we would highly recommend you to sleep in Rotterdam. If you do not already have a place to stay, the Eurekaweek Board offers accommodation (including breakfast) at the sports center, situated on campus.

Please note: during the day, the sports center will be used for sports activities. Therefore, the center has to be cleared for these activities in the morning and students will have to leave the center before 10:00 am.


Staying at one of the houses of the student associations

During the Eurekaweek, it is possible to stay at one of the houses of the student associations. If you choose this option, you'll stay with one of the members of this association. For you, this is an ideal opportunity to see what a genuine Dutch student house looks like and to have a closer view on the lifestyle of a typical student. You can contact the student associations LaurentiusNSR, RSC/RVSV, RSG and SSR or the overarching organisation - the RKVV - for a place to sleep. Also, you can stay with one of the members of rowing club Skadi.

Please note that:

  • If you stay the night at one of the student associations, there's no obligation to become a member of the sorority of fraternity in question.
  • If you choose to stay at one of the student associations, please do not apply for an overnight accommodation on the campus!


Sleeping at your home/student house

Of course, you are always free to sleep at home if you prefer this. Do take into account that the student associations offer an evening program that starts around 11:00 pm. If your home is not in Rotterdam and you don’t want to miss out on the parties, it is better if you sleep on campus or at another place in Rotterdam.


Please Note: If you change your mind about sleeping on campus after you bought a ticket, you’ll have to inform us before the 1st of August in order to get the money for overnight accommodation refunded. You can send an email to Refund will take place after the Eurekaweek, so it will take some time before the money is transferred back into your bank account.