Study, city & student life

The Erasmus University and the city of Rotterdam has a lot more to offer besides studying. Being a student is more then just reading books. It's for a reason that people say your time as a student is the best time in your life!

This part of the website will inform you about your study, the city of Rotterdam and the student life. These are your stepping stones to make your times as a student the best time of your life.

Become a member!

As mentioned before, being a student is more then just studying. Erasmus University has a lot of associations you can join. Examples are: student associations, study associations, sports associations and culture associations.

Student associations are focused on social contacts and making new friends in a short amount of time. Every student association has its own culture, rules and rituals. The Eurekaweek is the perfect opportunity to get to know these associations.

The study associations are connected to the faculty at which you study. These associations are only accessible to students from their respective faculty. Being an active member at a study association is the perfect way to get to know fellow students. You can also get a discount on books and the associations often organize trips and events.

The sports associations focus on sports. It's important to blow of some steam alongside your study, this way you will keep your body in shape. A healthy body is a healthy mind and better study results. The EUR has more than 25 different sports associations, so you can choose what fits you best.

Besides that there are a few culture associations that are connected to Erasmus Culture, like dancing societies, orchestra's and even a choir.

In short, it's not only fun, but also very useful to join one or more of the associations!

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