Over the past ten years, the city of Rotterdam has grown to be the cultural capital of the Netherlands, with a wide variety of museums, theatres, music stages, galleries and festivals. Does your interest besides your study also include arts and culture? Then you have come to the right place.

Erasmus University Rotterdam offers a wide variety of activities for students who are interested in culture. Studium Generale and Kunstzaken (Art Affairs) offer you the possibility to enjoy stage and expressive arts, lectures and workshops in both an active and passive manner.

Studium Generale

Studium Generale is part of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and organizes scientific, social and cultural activities throughout the year. The programme consists of lectures and debates, a monthly talkshow, cultural and scientific events and a wide variety of cultural courses and shows. Do you feel at home in the cultural life in Rotterdam, do you like to participate in courses and workshops or do you want to explore hot topics that aren't necessarily bound to your study? Then Studium Generale has a wide offering for you.

Cultural associations

Erasmus Dance Society

Erasmus Dance Society (EDS) is the ballroom dancing society of the EUR and has 100 members. You can follow courses on your own level and all of the courses take place at the EUR. You can bring your own partner, but it certainly isn't necessary. Aside from the dancing lessons EDS organizes a lot of other social and fun activities. Does this sound good to you? Come by and watch or even dance along.

Rotterdam Student Orchestra 

The Rotterdam Student Orchestra is a symphonic orchestra for students from Rotterdam and its vicinity. You will join other enthusiastic and musical (international) students who play wonderful music together, but also make up a close-knit team, where coziness, ambitions and talent make our foundations. Do you want to make music and meet new people, alongside studying? Come by to watch or play along!

Rotterdamsch Schoon

Do you like singing and having a good time? Then the Erasmus Student Choir Rotterdamsch Schoon is something for you! This female choir consists of 40 students and focuses on more modern music. Rehearsals take place on Wednesdays and you are always welcome to come by!

Student theatregroup RISK

RISK is the only independent student theatregroup in Rotterdam and consists of three groups under supervision of professional directors. All groups work throughout the year on their own performance in theatre 't Kapelltjes. RISK has practices one night a week. Aside from theatre RISK also organizes activities like the yearly RISK weekend or visiting other productions. Come by the open rehearsal in September as this is the only possibility to become a member!


WildE is the first international student theater organization of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Their aim is to give the amateur actors, writers, directors, photographers and make-up artists a chance to express themselves by providing them with workshops, human resources and art production opportunities.