Multicultural associations

The organisations

Multicultural associations of the Erasmus University represent diversity among students in Rotterdam. The organisations allow students to develop themselves and their sense of cultural diversity by joining one of the committees or organising an educational project. Moreover, it helps them to build a network by getting to know people from their own or from other organisations. Any students at Erasmus University that is interested in a certain culture or identity is welcome to join the association or to participate in the activities. Membership grants access or a discount to wide a variety of events and courses. 


Multicultural associations related to the EUR

Check out the different organisations here:
1. ARIA Students  (Afghan culture)
2. ASAH (African culture)
3. Avicenna (Islam and medicine)
4. CSA-EUR (Asian culture)
5. HSFN Rotterdam ( Hinduism)
6. IQRA (Islam)
7. Mozaik (Turkish culture)
8. PPI Rotterdam (Indonesian culture)