Science Meets City

21st lustrum of Erasmus University Rotterdam
Professors in front of City Hall

Not a showcase of great minds, but a dialogue on equal footing

In the academic year of 2018-2019, we celebrated the 21st lustrum of our university, with the theme 'Science meets city'. Because Erasmus University Rotterdam owes a great deal to the city in which she is rooted: urban life forms a source of inspiration for our research and education. With our lustrum activities, we have therefore enabled meaningful encounters. The perspective of the city's inhabitants and our societal partners are at the forefront of our programme.

Erik Fecken

Science meets city

Erasmus University Rotterdam is situated in the heart of the city. The city often forms a point of departure for our research and education. For example, Rotterdam as a port city has a rich history when it comes to migration. This theme is at the heart of political and public debates now, but has been on the academic agenda of our researchers for years.

Thanks to our roots in a multicultural metropolis, diversity and inclusion are in the DNA of our university. With our research and education, we wish to contribute to the life quality of all of Rotterdam's citizens - and other city dwellers. Therefore, we focus on finding solutions for better health and healthcare. Also, we study ways to foster inclusive prosperity. 

To create a positive and tangible impact, we have started the Erasmus Initiatives, in which researchers from all disciplines are joined in multiple research projects.

Liliane Ploumen tijdens conferentie 40 jaar Geschiedenis
Former Minister Liliane Ploumen speaks during conference

40 years of History at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Science meets You!

Lectures for primary school children by media professor Jeroen Jansz

Studio Erasmus at IFFR 2019
Studio Erasmus

Special edition at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019

Flags Dies Hofvijver
Flags at the Hofvijver in The Hague

Aftermovie Science Hotel

Science Meets City

Arrival of the artwork Stein des Weisen

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