Science Meets City
Erasmus University Rotterdam 105 years

Science Meets City

About the theme

This year, we celebrate the 21st lustrum of our university. 'Science Meets City' is the theme of a festival programme with a lot of exciting encounters between scientists and inhabitants and organisations of Rotterdam.

Erasmus and Arminius

A series of debates about relevant topics

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Rotterdammers vertellen waar de EUR onderzoek naar zou moeten doen

Science Meets City

The city as point of departure

Erasmus University Rotterdam is situated in the heart of the city. The city often forms a point of departure for our research and education. For example, Rotterdam as a port city has a rich history when it comes to migration. This theme is at the heart of political and public debates now, but has been on the academic agenda of our researchers for years.

Thanks to our roots in a multicultural metropolis, diversity and inclusion are in the DNA of our university. With our research and education, we wish to contribute to the life quality of all of Rotterdam's citizens - and other city dwellers. Therefore, we focus on finding solutions for better health and healthcare. Also, we study ways to foster inclusive prosperity. 

To create a positive and tangible impact, we have started the Erasmus Initiatives, in which researchers from all disciplines are joined in multiple research projects.


Erasmus University Rotterdam owes a great deal to the city in which she is located. During the lustrum, we are thus organising meaningful encounters between the university, the city and its inhabitants.This lustrum will not be a showcase of bright minds, but a dialogue on equal footing, between scholars, citizens and organisations. Below, you can have a look at all of the activities that will take place in the coming year. We hope to see you on our campus and in the city!

  • Have a look at the activities that are being organised to celebrate the lustrum of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

    • 6 June: Pre-launch
      The lustrum was festively opened at the Erasmus Pavillion and in the Arminius Church in Rotterdam.

    • 23 August: Eurekaweek
      In this introduction week, new students sang their hearts out during the Night of the Songs and got to know Rotterdam and campus Woudestein.

    • 3 September: reveal of the artwork Stein des Weisen
      In July, a new artwork arrived on Woudestein Campus. In September, the Stein des Weisen was officially revealed.

      3 September: Opening Academic Year
      A festive get-together of scholars, students and partners of our university. During the ceremony, the Rector Magnificus and the guest speaker discussed the value of diversity.

      6 September: Heartbeat Festival
      Students and staff of the university enjoyed summer vibes during the 6th edition of the HeartBeat Festival. The campus was transformed into a festival area with food trucks, acts and - most importantly - good live music.

      9 September: Skadi Knock-out Race 
      During the World Harbour Days (Wereldhavendagen), the rowing team of Skadi showed us their skills. Also, it was possible to participate in free rowing clinics.

      24 - 28 September: Week of Happiness at Work
      During the National Week of Happiness at Work, Erasmus University Rotterdam organised several workshops and lectures. 

      27 September: Medical break-throughs
      During this public programme at Arminius Rotterdam, an update was given about the most recent break-throughs in the field of medicine and life science.

      28 September: Science Hotel
      During this festive event in the Nhow Hotel and questions were asked to our students and scholars during a series of interactive presentations.

      29 September: Science Open
      In the Polak building on Woudestein Campus, enthusiastic scholars talked about their work and invited you to share your opinion on their research themes.

      Start of a series of lectures and seminars at the university and in the city

    • 18 October: Erasmus by the Sea
      Dies Natalis Institute of Social Studies in The Hague

      26 October: mayor of Rotterdam receives a book about Erasmus
      On the birthday of Desiderius Erasmus, alderman Judith Bokhove received a renewed edition of the book about the philosopher Erasmus.

    • 5 November: Flags around the Hofvijver

      6 & 7 November: conference 'Empowering Cities & Citizens, Learning and co-creating in an urbanizing world'
      This conference was organised by the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies.

      8 November: Dies Natalis 
      During this festive ceremony in the Aula on Campus Woudestein, diversity is the central theme. The FAME Athena Award was given to an employee who has contributed to the position of women in the academic world. 

      9 November: conference 'Nationalism & Protectionism: A Global Historical Approach'
      History has been taught, researched and studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam for 40 years now. During this conference, we discussed the research and education of the past and of the future.

      The entire month: photo exhibition in collaboration with Rotterdams Beeldfonds
      The Rotterdams Beeldfonds strives to create a database of images of Rotterdam, that provide a nuanced and inclusive perspective on the city. During the lustrum year, two young photographers are invited to capture two of our research projects. Their images will be exhibited on the campus and at Erasmus MC.

    • February until June: lectures at high schools
      As a gift to the city, scholars of Erasmus University Rotterdam will give free guest lectures at primary and secondary schools in and around Rotterdam.

    • 7 April: Erasmus Charity Run
      During the Rotterdam Marathon, staff and students of our university are running for charity: scholarships for talented prospective students.

      17 April: Open Symposium Transgender Surgery
      On Wednesday the 17th of April, the VCMS (Society for Medical Students) is organizing the Open Symposium on Transgender Surgery.

    • 10 May: Erasmus Consultancy Battle 
      The Erasmus Consultancy Battle (ECB) is a battle between six study associations of Erasmus University Rotterdam. They are all trying to find the best solution to a real life climate problem in the municipality of Rotterdam.

      16 May: free lecture for schools in Rotterdam about the effects of commercials (FULL)
      To celebrate our birthday, Erasmus University Rotterdam gives a present to the schools in Rotterdam: free classes by our professors. In this edition of the series 'Science Meets You', media scholar Sanne van Opree educates the students about the effects of commercials.

      23 t/m 25 May: Conference 'River Societies: Old Problems, New Solutions'
      A conference, organised with the Erasmus University China Centre. We will discuss the many forms of collaboration with China and our university.

    • 16 & 17 June: Night of the Refugee (Nacht van de Vluchteling)
      Employees of Erasmus University Rotterdam will participate in the sponsor walk of Stichting Vluchteling.

      18 June: free lectures for schools about greed and giving to charity
      To celebrate our birthday, Erasmus University Rotterdam gives a present to the schools in Rotterdam: free classes by our professors. In this edition of the series 'Science Meets You', taught by economist Jan Stoop, the students learn how greedy people are (and why) and when and why people are willing to give money to charity.

      18 June: Tinbergen lecture
      With this lecture, we celebrate the 50th birthday of Jan Tinbergen's Nobel Prize.

Steering committee

Kristel Baele, chair Executive Board; Ann O’Brien, secretary Executive Board; Victor Bekkers, dean ESSB; Inge Hutter, dean ISS; Marsha Tatipikalawan, director M&C; Amin Noori, student International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics; Renée Mast, international internship coordinator ESHCC; Fred Balvert, head of Congress Agency Erasmus MC (projectleider); Marlou Reid, General Management Directorate.

Project team

Fred Balvert, head of Congress Agency Erasmus MC (project leader); Gaby Dijkstra, marketing officer Erasmus Sport; Willem Scholten, academic programme coordinator Studium Generale, Koos van Kalsbeek, senior consultant M&C; Jacco Neleman, press officer M&C; Sarah Steendam, policy advisor IHS, Tom Kranenbarg, vice president Erasmus Student Network (ESN); Marlou Reid, General Management Directorate.

Programme committees of the schools and institutes.