Prize winners

Annually, researchers, teachers and students of Erasmus University Rotterdam are eligible for one of the prizes and distinctions of the Executive Board. With these prizes and distinctions, the loyalty and talents of our students and employees are recognized and rewarded.

Daphne van de Bongardt ontvangt Onderzoeksprijs

Research Prize 2018: Daphne van de Bongardt

Maarten Frens ontvangt de Onderwijsprijs

Education Prize 2018: Maarten Frens

Opening Academic Year 2018

Professor Lambersprize 2018: Maikel Samsom and Sadaf Saloukey

Eva Janssens ontvangt Prof. Bruinsprijs

Professor Bruins Prize 2018: Eva Janssens

Evan van der Holst ontvangt Rotterdam Scriptieprijs

Rotterdam Thesis Prize 2018: Evan van der Holst

Maarten Frens

Education Prize

Every year, Erasmus University Rotterdam awards the Education Prize to a member of the academic staff who has made a particularly commendable contribution to education at our university. Last year’s winner of the Education Prize: Prof. Maarten FrensProf. Maarten Frens is founding dean of Erasmus University College (EUC). From the very start, Prof. Frens has shown an unflagging dedication to the development of a high-quality EUC curriculum, in terms of both content and teaching aspects.

He created new teaching formats, educational themes and complete curricula and was closely involved in setting up EUC’s talent development programme. In addition to recognising Prof. Frens for his teaching achievements, the jury also lauds his commitment to promoting diversity and internationalisation within EUC, and at EUR as a whole. The jury holds his work as founding dean of EUC, his involvement in the Erasmus MC Honours Programme and his initiative to set up the EUCjr (EUC junior college) programme in high regard.

Daphne van den Bongardt

Research Prize

Erasmus University’s Research Prize is awarded to a member of EUR’s academic staff who has delivered an outstanding performance in the field of research. The winner of last year’s Research Prize is Dr Daphne van de Bongardt. Van de Bongardt started working as an assistant professor at EUR’s Department of Psychology, Education & Child Studies in 2016. Her research focuses on understanding and promoting young people’s relational and sexual development. The jury lauds Van de Bongardt for her research’s social impact and relevance and is very enthusiastic about its creative theme and the creative ways in which Dr Van de Bongardt collects data. In addition, the jury is appreciative of the extensive international network that she has managed to build up in a short period of time and the interdisciplinary character of her research and the associated publications.

Professor H.W. Lambers Prize

The Professor H.W. Lambers Prize is presented every year to an outstanding student with two master degrees. Last year two candidates achieved exceptional results, which is why the jury decided to honour them both.

  • Maikel Samsom

    Maikel Samsom graduated Summa Cum Laude from Erasmus School of Economics with a Master’s degree in Economics & Business Economics and from Erasmus School of Law with a Master’s degree in Liability & Insurance. In the meantime, he also rounded off the Philosophy bachelor programme – once again cum laude. The jury is impressed by Maikel’s exceptional academic performance and the wide range of extracurricular activities that he has undertaken – from sitting on the board of a study association to teaching Economics in secondary education. Maikel plans to invest the prize money in various courses that he will be attending in the context of his doctoral research into ‘Private and Personal Injury’.

  • Sadaf Soloukey Tbalvandany

    Sadaf Soloukey's academic path has so far resulted in a double bachelor degree: in Medicine (valedictorian) and Philosophy in Medicine (cum laude). After that, she took on an even bigger challenge, enrolling and completing three full-time master programmes: the Neuroscience research master programme, and master programmes in Philosophy (cum laude), and Health, Economics, Policy and Law. For her master thesis in Philosophy, she received the Jan Brouwers thesis award. Sadaf also took part in the Biomedical Engineering pre-master at Delft University of Technology.

    Her ambition is to become a multidisciplinary clinician and researcher. Besides building an impressive academic CV, Sadaf also contributes to a variety of extracurricular projects. Sadaf intends to use the prize money for her PhD project for the development of a new treatment of transverse patients in the departments of Neuroscience and Neurosurgery at a renowned research group in Switzerland.

Professor Bruins Prize

The Professor G. W. J. Bruins Prize is intended for research master students who excel in terms of academic performance and research qualities. Last year’s winner: Eva Janssens.

  • Eva Janssens

    In 2016, Eva Janssens graduated Summa Cum Laude from Erasmus School of Economics with a Bachelor’s degree in Econometrics and Operations Research. In addition, Janssens also participated in the Bachelor Honours Research Class. The jury was greatly impressed by her excellent academic performance and her research qualities. She has already co-authored a number of papers and constantly seeks new opportunities to find added value in her field. The jury was appreciative of Janssens’ detailed motivation regarding how she will be spending the prize money and was impressed by her dean’s extensive praise.

Rotterdam Thesis Award

The Rotterdam Thesis Award is a joint initiative of Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Municipality of Rotterdam. Through this award, we hope to encourage students to make an active contribution to social developments within the city itself. The winner of the Rotterdam Thesis Award 2018 is Evan van der Holst with his thesis ‘A Search for a Fertilizer for Social Enterprises’.

  • Evan van der Holst


    Evan graduated from the Master in Management programme. His master’s thesis offers rich insights into how social entrepreneurs go about their business and what they require from their surrounding ecosystem to achieve scale-up. While social enterprises are hardly a new phenomenon, they do play an increasingly important role in the city’s social development. The jury consequently praises the practical relevance and applicability of Van der Holst’s thesis, as well as its methodological rigour and theoretical quality. Which of course are also the core values of Erasmus University Rotterdam.