Talent Day - 20 maart 2019

Talent Day 2019 Recap

Succesful scientists and talented students

Exceptional achievements deserve recognition. Erasmus University Rotterdam has a wonderful tradition: every year, on ‘Talent Day’, we put our top researchers in the limelight. On 20 March 2019, the Executive Board presented the past year’s most talented researchers. These researchers have been awarded funding which includes NWO grants, ERC Grants, Erasmus MC Fellowships, and EUR Fellowships. During this event an up-and-coming ‘Research Talent’ was also introduced. 

Erasmus University Rotterdam is very pleased to announce that no fewer than 34 researchers were awarded a grant or funding last year. It is with great pride that the Executive Board presented these truly outstanding EUR researchers of 2018 during the Talent Day on 20 March 2019. We congratulate all of these academics and students.

Honours students

On Talent Day, special attention was also paid to the bachelor students who successfully completed the Erasmus Honours Programme. The 49 students who took part in 2018’s programme stand at the very beginning of their academic careers. With their grants and funding, these laureates have gotten off to a fine start on the long, arduous road towards academic success.

In closing, Rector Magnificus Rutger Engels expressed his gratitude to the Vereniging Erasmus Trustfonds. Without their support, this Talent Day would not have been possible!

Honours students during Talent Day

Talent Day