Talent Day Prizes

Research Talent

Research Talent is a responsive mode funding scheme that offers talented and ambitious young researchers within the social and behavioural sciences a platform to pursue a scientific career and carry out high-quality PhD research. Students are required to perform a four-year, full-time PhD project at a Dutch university. The programme started in 2011 and was discontinued in June 2018.

EUR Fellowship

Every year, Erasmus University Rotterdam offers extremely talented young researchers the opportunity to carry out research for a maximum of two years or four years with a EUR Fellowship. In this way, Erasmus University hopes to encourage people to opt for a career in academic research and seeks to retain talented researchers.

The EUR Fellowship offers a funding scheme of €135,000 for a period of two years and €150,000 for a period of four years.

Erasmus MC Fellowship

The Erasmus MC Fellowship offers young, promising researchers who have been awarded their PhD a four-year research fellowship with a total budget of €400,000, consisting of a €200,000 subsidy and a €200,000 matching grant. Scientific talent is extremely important to Erasmus MC. The Erasmus MC Fellowship enables clinical researchers, basic researchers and health science researchers to develop their academic research further and to initiate or continue their own line of research.

NWO Innovation Research Incentives Scheme

The Innovation Research Incentives Scheme aims to promote innovation in the field of academic research. The scheme seeks to encourage talented researchers and gives them the opportunity to conduct their own line of research. The scheme comprises three grants geared to different stages in a researcher’s scientific career:

Veni grants: for researchers who have recently obtained a PhD, to allow them to conduct independent research and develop their ideas for a period of three years; a maximum of €250,000.

Vidi grants: for researchers who have gained several years of research experience after completing their PhDs. The grant allows them to develop their own innovative lines of research and appoint one or more researchers for a period of four years; a maximum of €800,000.

Vici grants: for senior researchers who have demonstrated an ability to develop their own lines of research. The grant allows them to conduct research and establish a research group over the next five years; a maximum €1,500,000.

ERC Grants

ERC Grants are part of the Horizon 2020 programme. This programme is implemented by the European Research Council (ERC). The ERC offers financial support to excellent researchers for ground-breaking research through Starting Grants (maximum €1,500,000), Consolidator Grants (maximum €2,000,000), Advanced Grants (maximum €2,500,000) and Proof of Concept Grants (maximum €150,000).

The ERC Starting Grant was designed to help leading researchers of the future establish their own research groups.

The ERC Consolidator Grant supports researchers at the stage in which they are consolidating their own independent research teams or programmes. 

The ERC Advanced Grant is awarded to established researchers and offers them the opportunity to execute highly ambitious and high-risk research. 

The ERC Proof of Concept Grant supports scientists who have already received an ERC grant for their research and allows them to draft new commercial or social applications. The grants can be used to apply for patents or to start a business, among other things.