EUR 105 years: Science Meets City
Het lustrum en de huisstijl

Lustrum tag

Lustrum tag - vier varianten

How do I use the lustrum tag?

In 2018, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) will be celebrating its 105th anniversary, something we naturally don't want to pass unnoticed. We also want to emphasise this milestone in all our communications. The Lustrum Tag will support this. The theme of the 21st lustrum is 'Science Meets City'.

The Lustrum Tag is part of the Erasmus University Rotterdam house style and not an independent branding element. The tag may never be used on its own. There are four standard versions of the tag to guarantee a good contrast and legibility on different backgrounds.

Download the user guide

Download the lustrum tag

You can download the various lustrum tags from this folder on SurfDrive.

Basis tag and exceptions

The basic version of the lustrum tag is a horizontal tag. There is also a vertical version as an exception. The basic version should preferably be used in all communications unless this does not fit the use of the text and/or image.

Placing of the tag

Always use the tag with the bounding box, as included in the basic file. The tag has a fixed position in the top right-hand corner of a means of communication. This is the preferred position. The tag may be placed lower on the right-hand side if this fits the text and/or image better. The minimum distance between the tag and EUR logo is determined by both bounding boxes; these may not overlap.

Lustrum tag - bounding box 1
Lustrum tag - bounding box 2
Lustrum tag - schaling

Size and use of the lustrum tag

100% application

The lustrum tag was specifically developed for a certain size. In the context of 100% use, the height of the lustrum tag, including the bounding box, is 40 mm.

A formats to A3

The size of the lustrum tag has been determined for printing up to A3 format.

  • A6 = 70% use
  • A5 = 80% use
  • A4 = 100% use
  • A3 = 175% use

Do's & Don'ts

  • When placing the tag, make sure that there is sufficient contrast between the tag and the background.
  • A typographic change may not be made to the tag.
  • The tag must always be placed in the correct format in relation to EUR logos.
  • The tag is not used alone; the wordmark and pictorial mark are inextricably linked.
  • Elements within the tag may not be scaled up or down.
  • The colours of the tag may not be changed.