Look and posture

Ambitious people have guts. We show this by making sure the model looks straight into the camera. The person is not hiding, is fully aware of the camera and connects with the viewer.

  • Person looks straight into the camera
  • A confident look and posture (never arrogant)
  • Posture is rather active (not leaning backwards, no hands in pockets)
  • Natural posture (never uncomfortable)
  • Honest attitude (never arrogant)
  • A smile is natural, never fake
  • Face is sharp and recognizable


  • Show the person in a fitting work- or study environment
  • The setting may also be connected to the subject of the photo. For example, in case the person researches the Port of Rotterdam, the port can form the setting of the picture
  • The environment always looks realistic
  • Make sure the background is not too vibrant or distracting


Make sure the picture offers enough possibilities to change the composition/is big enough.

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