Choice of channel

Where will your content appear? Is it for a web page or social media? Consider creating content for ads, banners, apps, and leaflets too.

  • Think multichannel. What content will you introduce through which channel, for which target group? Don’t forget the offline channels. Try to reuse your core message in different channels, but make it specific to the channel.
  • Make sure that the messages of the various channels are consistent, in terms of content and time of appearance. Create a content calendar for your topic or event.
  • To which phase does the content belong for students: orientation, decision, action or evaluation?

Corporate social channels

Do you have an item that deserves some attention on our corporate social media channels? You can send your request to USC Marketing & Communications.

Looking for some social media advice? Perhaps you are not sure how to use Facebook effectively, or you just want to raise awareness of your division's activities? Get in touch with Carien van der Wal.

Visibility on corporate channels

Social media advice
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