Do you have a call to action?

There is a difference between informative and action-focused texts. In the latter, you entice the visitor into action.

In informative texts, the following are important:

  • The information is verifiable, possibly with a source listing.
  • Layering: visitors can click further or browse for more detailed information.

The style of action-focused texts is different. A few tips:

  • Identify the added value of a study programme or event. Why is it important to users? What can they expect from it?
  • Give examples, include images and use testimonials to increase recognisability. Highlight relevance to the reader.
  • Address the reader directly. Use ‘you’ or refer to the reader’s role: ‘As a student, you know...’
  • Use calls to action in the imperative voice. There’s no need to be pushy: identify the action that your readers can take and make it easy with a hyperlink or button. ‘Sign up right now...’

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