The right page title

Current facets (Pre-Master)

Pointers for a good page title

  • Maximum 55 characters, so that the title will not be truncated in the search results.
  • Describes the page’s content.
  • Unique within the website.
  • Invites visitors to click through to the page.
  • The primary keyword appears towards the start of the title (preferably as the first word).
  • The brand or company name is at the end of the title, for recognisability.

The page title will be displayed in the largest font on the search engine’s results page. Make the most of it! Some examples:

E-Commerce: ‘buying blue sneakers’

Education: 'Master in Economics'

Alumni: ‘alumni Erasmus’

Buying blue sneakers online | free shipping now | <…>

Master Economics: the programme for you? | <…>

Alumni Erasmus: how to stay involved | <…>

Need blue sneakers? Order now <…>

Study a Master in Economics at the ... <…>

Alumni: view the upcoming activities | <…>

Want blue sneakers? Have a look at our collection | <…>

Study economics? Choose a master at the  <…>

Alumni Erasmus: Sign up for the network event | <…>