Hyperlinks and anchor texts

With hyperlinks, you help visitors to click their way through the content. It’s easier to lead them to an ‘action page’ with a link, because links stand out on the page.


  • A clear link tells visitors where they will be taken. Not ‘click here’, but ‘for more information, see the page on SEO’.
  • Limit the number of hyperlinks to keep the text readable. Use about one hyperlink per paragraph and no more than three or four per text of 500 words.
  • Don’t put two hyperlinks side by side.
  • Include links to overlying, underlying or related categories.
  • Check that the page you are creating now also gets links from other pages.
  • Make sure that links are short and powerful. For example, they will be viewed by visitors who are blind or partially sighted in a link list in which the links are used outside the context of the page. 

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