Using keywords

Place keywords in specific elements

You can make content easier to find by using keywords in your titles, texts, and web address (URL). For example, ensure that your keywords appear in the following (HTML code) elements on your pages:

  1. URL and breadcrumbs (steeds linkjes naar achterliggende teksten)
  2. Page title and document title
  3. Meta-description
  4. Headers (H1) and subheaders (H2, H3, ..)
  5. Body text
  6. Anchor text (the text of a hyperlink)
  7. Image Alt (text as an alternative to an image)


The URL is a site’s web address, for example Breadcrumbs are the navigation trail that enables visitors to see the pages via which they have clicked through to the current page.

You can include keywords in the URL or in the page titles that form the breadcrumb.

  • Use the primary keyword for this.
  • The breadcrumbs or URL must remain legible.
  • Don’t include capital letters or punctuation marks.
  • Use hyphens instead of spaces.

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