Tips for writing

Erasmus University achieves credibility through knowledge and impact, not through weighty, lengthy text.

Checklist for your content

The following is a checklist for your content. Use it to make your content easier to find.

  • It’s unique. If your content can’t be found anywhere else, it’s more likely to appear high up in the search results.
  • It’s relevant. Visitors’ search queries are answered.
  • It’s clear. Visitors find answers to their questions quickly.
  • It looks attractive. Make sure it’s well organised, and consider adding an image. It must look neat and tidy, even on a mobile! You have less than one second to make a good impression on a visitor.
  • It’s findable. The content includes the search terms used in search engines.
  • It encourages action. Your content must tempt the visitor to take some action. Consider what action you want to link to the content: signing up for something, giving feedback?

Take a look at the section on SEO for additional information on how to make your content appropriate for search engines like Google. How do you use search terms, how do you optimise page titles and what URL do you use?

More tips for writing: