Reflect our brand

It’s not just a question of WHAT you write, but much more about HOW you convey the message. The EUR is sincere, down-to-earth, honest, genuine and upbeat. That must shine through in our communication. A few pointers on how to ensure this follow.

Write self-confidently

The EUR is a university for ambitious thinkers and achievers, with an international focus and a Rotterdam ‘roll up your sleeves and get on with it’ mentality. A self-confident tone goes along with this. Looking at the world differently means having the courage to challenge what others take for granted. Examples:

  • ‘Suddenly Kay realised how you actually can live on air.’
  • ‘If you want to conquer the world, Rotterdam is the place to start.’

Ambitious, down-to-earth and honest

Combine ambition with a down-to-earth attitude and honesty. At the EUR, improving the prospects of diabetes patients (ambition) on an overcast Tuesday morning (down-to-earth attitude, honesty) is all in a day’s work. Be sure to mention the importance of the work to society or the EUR’s engagement in texts. Examples:

  • ‘Last month, Maurits improved the prospects of thousands of diabetes patients.’
  • ‘Our survey of port cranes’ makespan has saved the Port of Rotterdam 30 seconds per container.’

Personal, friendly and positive

A good web text sounds personal, friendly and positive. Write correct spoken language. Some stylistic points:

  • Use questions to draw the reader in.
  • Vary the pace.
  • Keep sentences short, avoiding auxiliaries such as ‘can’, ‘will’ or ‘may’.
  • Express things in a personal and creative way.
  • Phrase sentences in the imperative: ‘sign up’, ‘come to the open day’.