Make it Happen

Erasmus University is determined to help people to make their ambitions come true. It offers a truly international environment, thereby forming a strong unity with the city of Rotterdam. This makes Erasmus University the institute for ambitious thinkers and doers. A unique place that enables you to make things happen!

Brand Identity Wheel

All elements that are of importance to the Erasmus University Rotterdam brand have a place in what is referred to as the Brand Identity Wheel. The brand identity, brand promise, i.e. positioning, core values, including the provision of evidence, and market position come together in this model.
A matter-of-fact attitude, enthusiasm, honesty and authenticity were key qualities to the designers of our corporate identity.

Rotterdam: Make It Happen

Branding alliance

'Make it Happen' represents the joint pay-off of the Municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Port Authority, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners. This branding partnership was initiated to put Rotterdam even more firmly on the map, both within the Netherlands and abroad.

Rotterdam Branding Toolkit

Within the scope of the branding alliance, the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit was created. This database offers free photos, texts, video, facts & figures about Rotterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Make sure to address the following when using the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit materials:

  • Pay attention to the difference between editorial and royalty free images.
  • Always indicate the name of the Copyright Holder(s).
  • The message creates a positive image for the city of Rotterdam as a tourist and/or business destination.

Rotterdam Branding Toolkit

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