Note! New framework agreements Design and DTP

Starting 1 January 2018

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Erasmus University Rotterdam is a procurement service in the sense referred to in the Aanbestedingswet 2012 (Procurement Act), whereby the estimated value of its design orders exceeds the European threshold value. That makes it obligatory for the EUR to follow a European tendering procedure.

The EUR cooperates with a variety of selected suppliers, according to multiple framework agreements: several design agenciesprinters, a translation agency and an online marketing agency. All sections of the EUR – with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences / Erasmus MC and Erasmus Magazine – must make use of these agencies for all applicable orders.

Management of the framework agreements is the responsibility of the Department of Marketing and Communications, as the so-called lead buyer. 

    Projects excluded from the framework agreements

    Do you want to assign tasks that are not included in our framework agreements? You're essentially free to cooperate with any agency. Still, since USC Marketing & Communications has gained much experience working with different suppliers apart from the agreements, asking for recommendations might be helpful. Continue reading about 'Other Projects'.