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From 1 January 2018, new framework agreements apply for Design and DTP .

Our design agencies

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Placing orders

Preferred supplier

Do you work according to a preferred supplier-agreement? You can directly assign your design or DTP-tasks to this design agency. Not sure whether your organisational unit or faculty makes use of a preferred supplier agreement? Contact the house style coordinator or your unit.


If your organisational unit does not use cooperate with one preferred supplier, all design agencies should be notified of each new assignment. This offers each of the three design agencies the opportunity to submit a quote and enables you to compare the different offers you receive. Each mini-competition you run helps you decide whom you assign each task.

Frequently asked questions

  • From 1 January all Design and DTP are categorized within one plot. We have the opportunity to work with three different design agencies. The working method remains the same, which means that for each assignment, offers should be requested at all three suppliers. Unless an organisational unit/faculty has decided to work with a preferred supplier. 

  • You can ask the house style coordinator of your unit.

  • The following materials are part of the agreement:

    • Brochures
    • Reports
    • Leaflets
    • Cards
    • Invitations
    • Banners
    • Stand materials
    • Other materials
    • Design of gadgets (if not performed by the supplier of the gadgets)
    • House style application
    • House style monitoring
    • Printing support
    • Renewal of mailings/newsletters
  • The agreements are no longer valid on 31-12-2019. The framework agreements could be extended by the EUR (one-sided), no more than two times with the period of one year.

  • USC Marketing & Communications holds responsibility for the framework agreements. Jiska Verschoor is leadbuyer. If the cooperation with the three design agencies induces any questions, comments or complaints, you may contact her. Each organisational unit is responsible itself for any further contracts (i.e. preferred supplier-agreement). 

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