The provision of translation services to Erasmus University Rotterdam is determined by means of the European tendering procedure. Business Translation Services (BTS) in Rotterdam is the only official partner for translation services.

The tendering procedure completed applies to all corporate services and faculties / institutes and the private companies affiliated with Erasmus University Rotterdam, including EUR Holding BV, RSM BV, Erasmus Sport, Stichting ESCP and Erasmus Beleggingen BV. Erasmus MC was not part of the tendering procedure. 

Translation services

The focus of the tendering procedure was mainly on translations from Dutch into British English and vice versa, and revision work in this context. In addition, it is possible to have such work performed with respect to a number of other widely used languages, including German, Chinese and Russian.

In terms of subject matter, BTS can handle any kind of text; from marketing communications to policy documents, for example. Following consultations with a number of deans, the decision was made to keep academic texts outside the scope of the tendering procedure.

Request services

Translation request can be sent to The translation portal, a previous method to send requests, is no longer accessible. 

Mariska Schabbing, Business Translation Services

Email address
(010) 436 77 11

Goudsesingel 74
3011 KDRotterdam

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