Science meets city

Not a showcase of great minds, but a dialogue on equal footing

This year, we celebrate the 21st lustrum of our university, with the theme 'Science meets city'. Because Erasmus University Rotterdam owes a great deal to the city in which she is rooted: urban life forms a source of inspiration for our research and education. With our lustrum activities, we will therefore enable meaningful encounters. The perspective of the city's inhabitants and our societal partners are at the forefront of our programme.

Lustrum events

Students relaxing during the HeartBeat Festival

Enjoy summer vibes!

During the HeartBeat Festival 2018

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Loopbrug Hofplein

Value in Diversity

Opening Academic Year 2018-2019

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Rotterdammers vertellen waar de EUR onderzoek naar zou moeten doen

Science Meets City

Plaatsen Stein des Weisen

Arrival of the artwork Stein des Weisen