Science Meets City
Erasmus University Rotterdam 105 years


EUR 105 years

This year we celebrate the 21st lustrum of our university. ‘Science Meets City: Co-creating Knowledge’ is the theme of a festive program that starts at the opening of the academic year on 3 September 2018. It’s the kick-off of a series of exciting meetings between science and the city that lasts until summer 2019.

  • Have a look at the activities that are being organised to celebrate the lustrum of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

    • 23 August: Eurekaweek
      Ferriswheel on the campus, Night of the Songs

    • 3 September: reveal of the artwork Stein des Weisen
      On Woudestein Campus

      3 September: Opening Academisch Jaar
      At the Laurens church and the Erasmus University College

      6 September: Heartbeat Festival
      On Woudestein Campus

      9 September: Skadi Knock-out Race 
      During the World Harbour Days (Wereldhavendagen)

      27 September: Medical break-throughs
      Public programme at Arminius Rotterdam

      28 September: Science Hotel
      Festive event for alumni in the Nhow Hotel

      29 September: Science Open
      Public programme on Woudestein Campus

      Start of a series of lectures and seminars at the university and in the city

    • 18 October: Erasmus by the Sea
      Dies Natalis Institute of Social Studies in The Hague

      28 October: mayor of Rotterdam receives a book about Erasmus
      On the birthday of Desiderius Erasmus

    • 5 November: Flags around the Hofplein pond

      6 & 7 November: conference 'Empowering Cities & Citizens, Learning and co-creating in an urbanizing world'
      Organised by the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies

      8 November: Dies Natalis 
      Ceremony in the Aula, Campus Woudestein

      9 November: conference 'Nationalism & Protectionism: A Global Historical Approach'
      Conference about forty years of history education and research at Erasmus University Rotterdam

      The entire month: photo exhibition in collaboration with Rotterdams Beeldfonds

    • February until June: lectures at high schools
      In collaboration with the Wetenschapsknooppunt

    • 25 t/m 28 May: Shanghai Conference
      In collaboration with the Erasmus University China Centre

    • 6 June: Pre-launch
      Erasmus Pavillion and Arminius Rotterdam

      16 & 17 June: Nacht van de Vluchteling
      Employees are participating in the sponsor walk of Stichting Vluchteling.

      18 June: Tinbergen lecture
      Celebration of the 50th birthday of Jan Tinbergen's Nobel Prize