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Science Hotel & Science Open

Scientific research, boring? What do you think of research into dating apps, making the port of Rotterdam more sustainable, finding for traces on a crime scene, or designing the ultimate tasty ànd healthy snack? Meet our researchers at Science Hotel or Science Open and share your ideas about their work.

The city is increasingly becoming the area of scientific research. Logical, because the majority of the world's population lives in the city! This makes urban issues in the areas of health, economy, sustainability and society urgent. On the occasion of the lustrum, researchers come out of their labs to share their research with you. Which research questions does the city evoke? What would you like to investigate?

Share your opinion at Science Hotel, a festival filled with science, music and art. The festival takes place at the Nhow Hotel, one of Rotterdam's most special works of architecture, with a spectacular view on the Maas.

Students, prospective students and parents can join the conversation with our researchers during Science Open. This contemporary Open Day, with the same ingredients as the Science Hotel, will take place on Campus Woudestein. Participate in one of the interactive lectures or take a tour along the artworks on campus.

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Science festival at Nhow Hotel

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Science Open

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