Community Building
Creating an environment where Erasmians can connect

Community Building

Creating an environment where Erasmians can connect through learning and development

What we do

  • The participation of employees and students increases the quality of decision-making and ensures that policies are supported by staff members and students of the university. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) has several democratically chosen participatory bodies in which students and staff members get a say. They are invited to share their thoughts on policies and provide advice to several decision-making bodies.

        Participation of student and staff member in university governance is important because it ensures that the entire community's interests are at the heart of decision-making, creation and amending policies, and improving the university environment. Universities benefit from having a culture of critical thinking and dissent due to participation from students and staff. This culture is valuable as the community and management both benefit from well-organized dissent and constructive criticism.

        There are different ways that employees and students can participate:

        • University Council
          • Representing students and staff at a central level (UC meetings are public, the documents can be found on
        • Lokaal Overleg (EUROPA)
        • Participation done at school and institution level 
          • Faculty Councils
          • Program Committees
        • Participatory body of the Central Departments
          • Service Council of the General Management Directorate (ABD)
          • Service Council Professional Services (PRO)
          • Service Council University Library (UB)
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