Results 2017-2018

The academic year 2017-2018 has been a productive year for the University Council. The council members have achieved many things. A few of these big results are listed below.

Derk Loorbach during Sustainability the next level

Conference on sustainability

The first point is on sustainability with which the UC has achieved great results. In collaboration with the Executive Board, the University Council organized the conference Sustainability the next level on 31 May 2018. Sustainability remains an important theme for EUR. Great progress has been made in recent years, some more visible, others less so. The question we are now facing is how we will proceed in the coming years. What will be our new sustainability goals for research, education and business operations? This and other questions were addressed by students, employees and academics during this conference. The conference was a huge success and the university is now looking at actions that can be taken on the basis of the outcome of the conference.

Vegetarisch lunchen nu de standaardoptie

Another great result regarding sustainability is the switch to a vegetarian lunch as the default option. The University Council has made a case for a change in the default option of catering by Vitam. When a lunch or snack is ordered from Vitam, the default option was set to meat. Thanks to the efforts of the council members, the entire academic community - including the Executive Board - has agreed that the default option has been converted to vegetarian. This means that when no choice is made, the vegetarian option is provided by Vitam. Don’t be afraid; a choice for meat dishes simply remains.

Allocation model

After a long period of consultation between the University Council and the Executive Board, the UC has given its consent to the proposal of the Executive Board to adjust the allocation model. This proposal also agreed to introduce a phase two, in which the parameters used in the model are again examined. More information about the allocation model can be found here.

Elections University Council

Central electoral system for student body of the council

The turnout for the University Council elections has been very low for a great many years. This turnout - which varies according to each faculty - was between 7.8% and 16.7% in 2016, between 8.9% and 12.9% in 2017, and between 10.8% and 15.9% during the most recent elections for the 2018-2019 academic year. During the past years, the University Council has done all in its power to increase familiarity with these elections in order to improve the turnout, but their efforts were in vain. The University Council of 2017-2018 therefore took the initiative and made a proposal to the Executive Board to change the electoral system: a central electoral system for students

A central electoral system for students will create one sole ‘electoral district’ for all students. In response to this, the Executive Board has made a proposal to actually change the electoral system. This proposal was discussed during the consultation meeting of 9 October 2018 and the UC has given its consent to this. This means that the central electoral system changes from the elections for the University Council of next academic year.