Working method

Working method of the University Council

In principle, the University Council holds a plenary meeting each month (the 'University Council meeting') and following on from that has a meeting with the Executive Board (the 'Consultation meeting'). All members of the Council are present at these meetings. Additionally, each committee holds a monthly meeting in which part of the Council is present. 

The 'Executive Committee' of the University Council is formed by the presidium, consisting of the chair and four members (two members from the staff section and two from the student section). The presidium determines the agendas of the meetings, can make decisions on behalf of the University Council and is responsible for the internal activities within the Council.

The meetings of the University Council are led by its Chair. The Chair herself is not a member of the Council, but rather functions as the technical coordinator. The Chair, the presidium, and the University Council are supported by a clerk and a secretariat.

Before the University Council makes decisions or offers recommendations in plenary meetings, the topics are discussed in advance in the committee meetings. During these meetings, officials of EUR are present on behalf of the Executive Board to answer questions and to explain the proposals. The committee often issues a recommendation to the plenary University Council with respect to a decision to be made or the advice to be given. The permanent committees of the University Council are:

  • Personnel, Facilities & Organization Committee (PFO)
  • The Education, Research & Student Affairs Committee (ERS)
  • The Internal & External Affairs Committee (IEA)
  • The Financial Affairs Committee (FIN)
  • The Confidential Committee, which is confidentially involved during appointments (Vertrouwenscommissie).
  • Additionally, the council can set up ad hoc committees that issue recommendations regarding separate topics. In principle, the University Council meets according to a monthly cycle in which topics are discussed in the second week of the month in committee meetings, after which they are handled at the end of the month in a plenary meeting of the University Council with the Executive Board. You can find the dates of the upcoming meetings in the calendar.

    The meetings and the meeting documents of the University Council, the committees (with the exception of the Confidential Committee and the presidium) and the consultation meetings are, in principle, open to the public. You can find the calendars and minutes of these meetings on this website.