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Tech without Borders

Monday, May 1 2017 (we're off!)

Preparations for the largest tech event Erasmus University has seen to date are underway! In the Fall of this year, the event will take place on campus. The hackathon is organized by Turing Society in cooperation with the Diversity Office.

Tech without Borders goes beyond a mere hackathon. You will be responsible for connecting companies with refugees; developers with students; and people from all backgrounds with people from all industries. By including everyone in the process, you will turn Tech without Borders into a true game changer for Erasmus University; reaping the benefits of diversity along the way.

Want to learn more about the event? Visit Turing Society's website! You can also directly contact us at the Diversity Office.

VSNU Seminar Diversity

Friday, May 12 2017 (extended deadline)

The Dutch organization of universities, VSNU, organizes a seminar for HR partners and diversity officers. For more information, check out their website (event in Dutch).

International Women's Day - Theaterstuk Seven op de EUR

Wednesday, March 8 2017

Erasmus University celebrates International Women's Day! On Wednesday March 8 2017 the documentary play SEVEN will be performed at the Erasmus Paviljoen. This unique play will be performed by an impressive cast featuring diverse members of Erasmus University's community. Would you like to know more about the event or the day itself? Feel free to visit the website of International Women's Day or the EUR webpage dedicated to the play.

ENVH Workshop & Networking Breakfast - with Dory Grandia (ECWO)

Monday, February 20 2017

The Erasmus Network for Female Professors (ENVH) organizes an inspiring workshop on communication on Monday February 20th. The workshop includes breakfast and is meant for all female professors, UHD's and UD's at Erasmus University and Eramus MC. The workshop will be given by Dory Grandia of the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO). You can sign up here.

Westerdijkviering 2017 - a 100 years of female professors

Friday, February 10 2017

On February 10th it will be 100 years ago that the first female professor in the Netherlands was appointed at Utrecht University. On this day, Minister of Education, Culture and Science Jet Bussemaker will open the honorary 'Westerdijk Year' in Utrecht. Read more.

Personal & Career Development - Erasmus Women in Academia

Tuesday, January 16 2017

All female assistant and associate professors are welcomed to join a leadership and management programme specifically designed for them. The outcomes of the programme will facilitate highly talented women to:

  • Remain in academia and thereby reducing the loss of talent as the pipeline progresses
  • Move into (senior) leadership positions – career progression
  • Help address issues around gender climate.  

More information on the programme and how to subscribe can be found here.  


OCW - Minister Bussemaker supports call for 100 extra female professors.

Wednesday, January 11 2017

The Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science Jet Bussemaker has voiced her support for a plan to appoint 100 extra female professors throughout the Netherlands in 2017. In order to achieve this, she as reserved an additional EUR 5 million from the government budget. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first female professor (Johanna Westerdijk) being appointed in the Netherlands.

Dies Natalis - Saskia Krijger wins the 2016 ENVH Athena prize!

Tuesday, November 8 2016

Saskia Krijger, advisor to the EUR Holding, received the second ENVH Athena prize on Tuesday November 8. During Erasmus University's Dies Natalis rector magnificus Huib Pols and Chief Diversity Officer Hanneke Takkenberg handed out the annual award for stimulating female talent. Read more.