Diversity & Inclusion Office

Erasmus University Rotterdam works hard on her ambitions regarding diversity and inclusion. That is why a central Diversity & Inclusion Office has been created, with a Diversity team which is committed to furthering diversity and inclusion at the university. Besides that, each faculty is in the process of appointing their own Faculty Diversity Officer (FDO). Soon, a list with all FDOs will be published here.

Do you have questions suggestions or remarks regarding who we are and what we do? Feel free to stop by our Diversity Office! We are available each week  from Monday until Friday. Besides that, you can always give us a call or send us an e-mail.

On behalf of the Diversity & Inclusion Office,


Prof. dr. Hanneke Takkenberg, Chief Diversity Officer

Dr. Pleunie van den Borne - Project Manager Diversity & Education

Daisy Boogaard MSc., Program Manager Diversity & Inclusion

Jonathan Garcia Miralles LL.M., HR Policy Advisor Diversity & Inclusion  

Amela Okanovic MSc., Project Manager Diversity & Inclusion

Jessie Renne MSc., Trainee Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity & Inclusion Office, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus Building / AB-47
3062 PA Rotterdam 

E-mail: diversity@eur.nl