Strategy 2024
One university, one community, one goal

Next steps: where and how do we go from here

Our strategy design process used interdisciplinary, inclusive, outside-in ways of working and innovative co-creative processes. These approaches are aligned with our strategic goals and our values, and we plan to keep them. We will maintain that focus on design thinking, for example in implementation labs. Our strategy makes room for everyone to contribute and have an impact, and is simultaneously open-minded and critical. 


The strategic period kicked off in September 2019, but we have already prioritised several projects based on the Strategy Design Lab results. Some are quick wins, while others lay the foundations for our strategic success, or help us move forward faster.

Ten projects were executed or launched in 2019:

  1. Defining ‘Being an Erasmian’ and university profile
  2. Establishing Erasmus Research Support (ERS)
  3. Determining scope and defining ‘impact’
  4. Designing communication & branding based on impact
  5. Professional services: launching process towards strong connection with the core business
  6. Starting leadership development programme: managing operations together
  7. Incubator: building an entrepreneurial ecosystem for societal impact
  8. Establishing a Design initiative
  9. Developing policy for alumni engagement
  10. Developing co-creative instruments/ methodologies for implementation

Join us!

Creating positive impact together is vital for making our strategy work. Do you have any questions? Or would you like to discuss how we put Strategy 2024 in practice? Mail us at