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  • Generation Next by Joost van der Vleuten

    Generation R and Generation R Next

    Even nowadays not all children in Rotterdam have the same opportunities to develop optimally, be it physically, cognitively, emotionally or socially. Improving the health of next generations of ‘Rotterdammers’ are the goals of two excellent and unique longitudinal studies conducted by the Erasmus Medical Centre: Generation R and Generation R Next. These studies are keeping track of children’s health and even pregnancies from the very beginning. Not just one, but thousands at a time. . 

  • View of rotterdam

    BOLD Cities

    Start-ups as well as large technology companies often use cities as a laboratory for new products. They thrive on data of all kinds that help local government and business to plan, monitor and innovate. It is unclear, however, if and how citizens themselves benefit from such Big, Open and Linked Data (BOLD) cities where it seems their every feature, movement and behaviour is monitored.

  • master your own career

    Career in Progress

    With the Career in Progress programme (CiP) Erasmus University Rotterdam makes staff members more conscious about talent and job opportunities in and outside our organisation. Our second objective is to enhance talent management and job mobility.

  • Four people in front of green screen in the studio of the Erasmus Education Lab, seen through one of the camera's.

    Community for Learning and Innovation (CLI)

    Contemporary students are digital natives; they grew up with the Internet and social media, and have come to expect a constant stream of feedback and interaction. Education, however, doesn’t yet live up to these expectations. The Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) will make sure our university offers a new generation of students the education they need and want.