Since 2002, Erasmus University Rotterdam has had an integrity code. This code contains three key values: professionalism, teamwork and fair play. With these key values, we give direction to the desired conduct of our staff and students. In addition, the code gives the university staff and students the scope to demand accountability from each other with regard to their responsibilities.

In our daily work and during our studies, we are confronted with dilemmas concerning integrity. And by means of this integrity code, the university wants to raise awareness among staff and students. Two dilemma games were subsequently developed. One general game for students and staff. This game is available from the integrity coordinators. And one game specifically focused on scientific integrity.

You may be confronted with an integrity issue. Discuss this first with the person concerned. If you are unable to resolve the issue together, contact your manager and/or your study advisor.

There is a guideline or code for many issues. You can consult these on the website Reglementen, richtlijnen en regelingen (in Dutch only).

Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Download the Integrity Code

Dilemma game Scientific Integrity

Please download here the dilemma game of Scientific Integrity.

Dilemma game Scientific Integrity

Taskforce Report

Here one can download the report of the Task force Scientific Integrity.

Taskforce Report