High quality in education, research and in related support

The EUR is a professional organisation par excellence. Both staff and students are expected to maintain professional attitudes. Professionalism expresses itself in expertise, results orientation, flexibility, assertiveness, representativeness and commitment. Academic quality is at the forefront of scientific research and education.

On the one hand, the staff and students are responsible for their own professionalism and its development. A student is an independent person studying to be a professional; a staff member is an independent, working professional. On the other hand, the EUR stimulates, facilitates and ensures the professionalism and development of staff and students. Continuous care and monitoring of performance, combined with adequate assessment and reward, are inseparably related in this process.

Existing rules, procedures and requirements are observed to the letter and in spirit. When dilemmas arise, they are dealt with in a professional, upright manner. For example, students carefully weigh the selection and prioritising of subjects. The staff carefully weigh their own tasks in the areas of education, research, administration and external service provision.

Dilemma game Scientific Integrity

Please download here the dilemma game of Scientific Integrity.

Dilemma game Scientific Integrity

Taskforce Report

Here one can download the report of the Task force Scientific Integrity.

Taskforce Report
Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Download the Integrity Code