working together on the basis of mutual respect, joint responsibility and careful use of resources

The university derives its raison d’être from the individual professionalism that thrives on teamwork. Teamwork exists between staff of departments, faculties and other universities, between students mutually and between staff and students. After all, scientific research and education are interactive processes in which the one learns from the other. Students and lecturers carry a joint responsibility for bringing about good education.

Teamwork expresses itself in respect and attention for each other, avoiding every type of intimidation and recognising each other’s contributions and responsibilities. Not only does teamwork mean sharing knowledge, it also means sharing success. Keeping one’s promises, doing what is expected of one, helping and inspiring one another is another form of teamwork. Teamwork also means communicating with each other openly and clearly, being literally and figuratively accessible, calling one another to account and being accountable to each other.

The careful use of university resources such as moneys, equipment and furniture will avoid other members of the university community being put at a disadvantage. Moreover, it enhances the efficient, effective use of public resources and tuition fees.

Dilemma game Scientific Integrity

Please download here the dilemma game of Scientific Integrity.

Dilemma game Scientific Integrity

Taskforce Report

Here one can download the report of the Task force Scientific Integrity.

Taskforce Report
Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Download the Integrity Code