Q & A with Kristel Baele

Kristel Baele met Strategie krant tijdens OAJ

Kristel Baele, President of the Executive Board, is dedicated to making the Strategy 2024 a project involving the entire Erasmus University Rotterdam community.

She visited several departments to talk about the importance of the Strategy 2024. We asked Kristel what questions were asked most frequently. 

What makes our mission unique in comparison with other universities? 
Not many choose to make societal impact an explicit part of their mission, let alone in equal measure to education, research, and in co-creation with external partners. Our story of origin, our connection with the Rotterdam urban delta, with entrepreneurs, social partners and alumni: all these characteristics make us uniquely qualified to realise our mission

How is this different from former strategies?
The explicit decision to focus on larger social impact and to emphasise interdisciplinarity. Our multifaceted portfolio makes this the perfect approach for us. The ways in which the strategy will be created are interactive and aimed at co-creation with internal and external stakeholders. 

When will Strategy 2024 be implemented? 
The beauty of our approach is that the strategy hasn’t yet been finalised. This coming September phase 2 will start. At that stage the university’s community will get the chance to come forward with ideas, concrete goals, and plans that will help us achieve our mission. In the spring of 2019 we’ll process these contributions into a finalised version of our strategy. Next year, in September 2019, we’ll enter phase 4. This is when the concrete plan will go in effect. 

What will success look like? 
If we can suit our actions to our words: when we’ve achieved a greater positive impact on societal challenges through research and education; when we’ve managed to make each of the strategy’s themes an integral part of our daily procedures. If in during phase 2 we are able to give shape to our strategy in line with our 7 priorities – which means in collaboration with stakeholders, internal and external – we will have truly achieved something great. 

Kristel Baele in Laurens Church during Opening Academic Year

President of the Board Kristel Baele explains new EUR strategy during opening academic year