Bernard Mandeville Foundation

The Foundation Bernard Mandeville was established in 1988 on the initiative of Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Rotterdam business community, as represented by the Rotterdam Business Club. Meanwhile the Vereniging Trustfonds EUR has joined this initiative as well. The Foundation is dedicated to periodically express appreciation for remarkable social merits demonstrated by individuals from the Netherlands or any other country.

As one of the means to achieve its objective, the Foundation has instituted the Mandeville Lecture series. Lectures are organized with some degree of regularity, and allow a wide audience to become acquainted with the lecturer’s views.

Board & Office

Board Bernard Mandeville Foundation
Professor H.A.P. Pols (Rector Magnificus, chairman), professor I.D. de Beaufort, A.M. Breeman, professor M.C.R. Grever, professor S.L. van de Velde, P. Witteveen, P.H.M.J. Weisglas

Office Bernard Mandeville Foundation
Drs. P. Kuijt, staff department Marketing and Communication
Mw. M.H.B.M. van Kester, Pedel
Mw. M. Jansen, secretary Executive Board