The studio-area consists of a large recording studio and two smaller DIY-booths. There's also a make-up room, an editing room, and a directing room. The studio can be used by lecturers, support staff and students that are working on innovating education, but is also available for other projects. More information down below. 

How to use the studio?

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00.

Use of the studio outside of the regular opening hours is possible. Ask for the possibilities via

Recording facilities

  • Picture of the large studio, camera's in front of green screen


    The large recording studio can be used for recording with and without an audience. For example the recording of knowledge clips, the production of MOOCS, the recording of small-scale talk shows with the possibility of a live connection, and hosting podcasts.

  • Picture of the DIY-booth, small green screen and camera


    The studio-area contains two DIY-booths meant for autonomous recording. Just bring your script and your PowerPoint and you're ready to go. 

DIY-booth explanation

Picture of the directing room
Picture of the make-up room
Picture of camera screen with Autoscript on it