CLI Fellows Delia Dumitrica and Jason Pridmore

  • Dr. Delia Dumitrica is assistant professor at ESHCC’s Department of Media and Communication. Her research focuses on new media and grassroots collective action. She teaches courses on qualitative methodology and political communication, and supervises students in the master programs.

    Dr. Jason Pridmore is assistant professor in the Department of Media and Communication at Erasmus University. As a sociologist, he has been researching the intersection of digital technologies and everyday practices and experiences from a variety of perspectives using qualitative methods.

    Fellowship project

    Improving Student Knowledge and Skills in Qualitative Data Analysis via Blended Education

    Undergraduate students often struggle with methodology courses. The sheer amount of information they have to assimilate over a relatively short period of time can leave them feel unprepared for the practical aspects of data analysis. To address this issue, we have developed six online modules allowing students to learn about different methods of qualitative data analysis and to apply this knowledge to analyze different types of data in the context of CM2006 – Qualitative Research Methods. 

    The modules covered the following methods of qualitative data analysis:

    1. Rhetorical analysis
    2. Semiotic analysis
    3. Narrative analysis
    4. Constructivist Grounded Theory
    5. Thematic analysis
    6. Discourse analysis

    Each module combined in-house readings with expert videos and hands-on analysis, which were uploaded in the CM2006 Canvas course environment. A vast majority of students perceived the modules as effective, enjoyable, and useful in terms of their own level of preparedness. In this project, we assess the integration of these blended modules in students’ own learning practices. Where most literature on blended education tends to take a quantitative approach, focused on measuring a specific type of impact, our project is more interested in capturing the integration of blended education in students’ everyday study routines. This will allow us to better guide our students in actively developing learning practices conducive to their academic and professional success. If you would like to using some of these modules in your own courses on Canvas, please email your request to Dr. Dumitrica. 

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