CLI Fellow Ed van Beeck

  • Educating physicians with sociomedical competence

    Erasmus Physician 2030
    To prepare future physicians for the requirements of the profession in a rapidly changing and increasingly diverse society, the curriculum needs to be adjusted. According to the educational vision Erasmus Physician 2030, physicians need to be able to assist patients in their quest for the highest possible quality of life. During illness, but even before illness manifests, aiming at as many healthy years as possible.

    Sociomedical competence
    The CLI Fellowship is directed at reinforcement of the societal orientation and the strengthening of physicians’ sociomedical competence. The Fellowship builds upon new practice-based education in the first year of the Bachelor’s programme. The project lays a foundation for the rest of the curriculum, that will build upon it, and suits within the started reinforcement of educational collaboration between Erasmus MC and the City of Rotterdam. This way, students develop their sociomedical attitudes and skills in various subjects.

    Attitude and skills
    Currently, a pilot is going on with several study groups. Afterwards, a focus group interview will be conducted in every study group, in order to evaluate the education’s practicability and its educational value. Furthermore, a survey will be conducted among students, mapping their sociomedical attitudes. This survey will be conducted before and after the start of the pilot, both among participants and a control group.

    Interprofessional education
    The gained experiences with practice-based education in the city are not only important for the medicine programme. The chosen approach (creating documentaries based on interviews) can also be used for other disciplines’ issues. Furthermore, this project may serve as a first step towards interprofessional education, where even students from other EUR faculties (such as sociology, pedagogics) can participate. For example, this model will also be used for the knowledge deepening minor Healthy Big City, a collaboration with the CLI Fellow, offered by Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management, and open to students of all EUR faculties.

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