CLI Fellow Joep Hofhuis

  • Measuring and Improving Students’ Intercultural Competences

    Dr. Joep Hofhuis is assistant professor at ESHCC’s Department of Media and Communication, where he specializes in intercultural and organisational communication. He was awarded a PhD in social and organisational psychology (University of Groningen, 2012), based on his research on cultural diversity in the workplace. Since then he has studied how individuals communicate across cultures in a variety of settings. One of his main research questions is how intercultural competences help individuals to effectively negotiate complex international environments.

    Joep is a founding member of the working group of Intercultural Communication and Diversity (ICD) of the Netherlands Flanders Communication Association (NeFCA). Furthermore, he is a member of the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) and the International Academy for Intercultural Research (IAIR).

    Fellowship project

    Our university aims to equip students with the knowledge, insight and skills needed to communicate and interact successfully with others with different cultural backgrounds. Many of our study programs include international viewpoints and/or intercultural communication in their curriculum, but it remains unclear whether the programs are successful at teaching intercultural competences, and which teaching methods work best. In this CLI research project, I aim to shed new light on this issue. I will develop a way to measure the development of students’ intercultural competences over time, and provide advice on improving curricula and professionalisation of lecturers with respect to internationalisation and intercultural communication.


    Hofhuis, J., Jongerling, J., Van der Zee, K., Jansz, J. (2020). Validation of the Multicultural Personality Questionnaire Short Form (MPQ-SF) for use in the context of international education. PLoS ONE 15(12): e0244425.

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