CLI Fellow Lonneke de Meijer

  • Personal and Professional Development of Students: Academic and work trajectories of ACPA- and premaster students in Pedagogical Sciences

    At DPECS, we offer an ACPA- and a premaster trajectory for those students who want to develop their knowledge and skills, and strengthen their position in the urban culturally diversified labor market. However, we know very little about whether our ACPA- en premaster students are able to enrich their work. Additionally, we have very limited insight into whether the urban culturally diverse educational and pedagogical work field benefits from the knowledge and skills that our ACPA- and premaster students acquire. By means of following our ACPA- and premaster students and alumni prior and during enrollment, and after graduation, we attempt to shed more light on these issues as well as create a system of continuous monitoring and evaluating the ACPA- and premaster curricula.


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