CLI Fellow Marieke Meeuwisse

  • Marieke Meeuwisse (Ph.D.) is psychologist and sociologist with a Ph.D. in Educational Sciences. Her main research theme is (ethnic) diversity in higher education, with a special interest in the learning environment, student-teacher interaction and sense of belonging. She has extensive experience in course design and development and in teaching at the (under) graduate level. Marieke is appointed by the Ministry of Education as a Comenius Teaching Fellow in the field of equal opportunities for HE students. She is the project leader of the EU funded Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership on diversity and inclusion in higher education (#IBelong). Marieke is a recent research fellow of the Community for Learning and Innovation (CLI) with a project on the academic trajectories of diverse students at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

    Fellowship project

    In the research project funded by CLI Marieke will investigate the interplay between students and the curricula of the course programmes in which they are enrolled. As such, she will learn more about the way in which the student-curriculum interplay affects academic trajectories of diverse students. She will use existing longitudinal student data from the university-wide database Erasmus Education Research, in combination with data from various curricula (i.e., curriculum scan) which need to be collected. Combining data on students’ academic trajectories and curriculum data will give an insight in possible turning points in diverse students’ academic trajectories throughout course programmes, which is an important step in explaining similarities and differences in academic outcomes of diverse students.

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