CLI Fellow Robbert Goverts

  • An organised 'academic toolkit': creating an overview of academic skills for students and teachers

    Robbert Goverts (1988) is Academic Skills Coordinator for the Department of Public Administration and Sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is responsible for the development, coordination and teaching of academic skills of Sociology, Public Administration and MISOC bachelor students. He has a background in criminology and sociology.

    Through their academic careers at Erasmus University students learn multiple academic skills. These skills are usually learned and examined in isolation. Therefore, it can be hard to keep a clear overview of how these partial skills can be combined and applied for more sophisticated research purposes, for instance a bachelor thesis. The solution lies in the creation of an organized ‘academic toolkit’ for students and teachers. By creating a digital, organized, interactive and attractive overview in which the purpose of academic skills, and the relationship between skills are combined and explained, both students and teachers within a program can benefit. Students will hopefully be able to understand and apply skills better, and teachers are more familiar with the exact skills that students master during their studies.

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