CLI Fellow Tim Benning

  • How to reduce free-riding? Creating a checklist to support the design of group projects.

    Tim Benning is an economist with a MSc degree (2006) and PhD degree (2011) in Marketing from Erasmus University Rotterdam and a first grade teaching degree from VU University Amsterdam (2017). He has research and teaching experience in the areas of Business Economics (Marketing) and Health Economics. Currently, he is a teacher (of the tutor academy) at the department of applied economics of Erasmus University Rotterdam. As CLI Fellow, Tim is researching how free-riding can be reduced.

    Suppose that you want to create a group project. Where do you start? In this project, Tim aims to provide course coordinators support with the creation of group projects by developing a checklist that takes into account three important criteria: (1) practicability (i.e. current rules and common practice at the EUR), (2) the likelihood of reduced free-riding, and (3) the expected acceptance by students. To complete this checklist, Tim will have interviews with programme/course coordinators and students at the EUR. Furthermore, he will perform a literature review on methods to reduce free-riding and investigate students’ preferences for different group projects by means of a discrete choice experiment. Course coordinators can use the checklist to create generally accepted group projects that minimize free riding.

    The journal of Marketing Education has published an article about the research of Tim Benning and Else-Marie van den Herik.

A students' preferences-based approach to select methods for detecting and handling free-riding

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