Blended course ‘Thought Experiments’ (ESPhil)

  • Requester and project leader ESPhil: Tim de Mey

  • Project manager CLI: Romy van Leeuwen (Risbo)

Videos for the course Thought Experiments

In this blended course, various examples of thought experiments are carefully introduced, analyzed and discussed. Students learn to distinguish, recognize and compare different kinds of thought experiments, and to reflect critically on their respective assumptions, powers and limits. Moreover, they develop the academic skills to put ”thought experimentation” into practice, i.e., to use their own imagination and creativity for scientific and philosophical purposes.


The course Thought Experiments strives to teach students analytical thinking and to use their imagination to test philosophical conceptions and theories through thought experiments. Students indicate that they have some hesitation with actively working themselves and that they would rather hide themselves behind texts of great thinkers, but that is completely at odds with the intent of this course. The goal is that students don’t suffice with mimicking famous thought experiments, but that they come to action themselves.


The online lectures will be available on YouTube for our students and for the broader public.