Corporate and Organised Crime (ESL)

  • Requesters and project leaders ESL: Lieselot Bisschop and Karin van Wingerde

  • Animations: Roman Klochkov

  • Project manager CLI: Elena Olivera

Video animations for the ESL course Corporate and Organised Crime

About: The master courses Corporate & White Collar Crime (Karin van Wingerde & Lieselot Bisschop) and Organized Crime (Lieselot Bisschop & Robby Roks) received support from the Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) as an innovation project. The intention of this innovation project was to redesign both courses to make them more student centric by basing them on the case based learning method. 

Goal: The redesign of the courses facilitates the active participation of students and allows for the knowledge and skills they learn such as analyzing causes of corporate and white collar crime to be better aligned with their future roles as professionals. Students work on a specific case of corporate and white collar crime throughout the course (Dieselgate, Societe Generale or Diederik Stapel).

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