Digitalisation of education programme EGSL (ESL)

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  • Requester and project leader ESL: Wouter Verheyen

  • Project managers CLI: Marit Nieuwenhuys & Remy Fermont (Risbo)

Ontwikkeling digitaal onderwijsprogramma

The Erasmus Graduate School of Law (EGSL) has had a full time education programme since the establishment in 2012. The programme has a compulsory character and it is expected to extend this compulsory character to all PhD candidates, including external ones. EGSL wants to design a digital education variation of the current course for external PhD candidates, candidates for the yearly recruitment round and PhD candidates with a divergent starting moment. This is why we are developing an online programme with modules about communicate your research, research lab, research methods and writing clinic.


The goals of making this online module are:

  • making the programme accessible for external PhD candidates;
  • creating more space for interaction in lectures;
  • more flexibility in the education. Just in time learning will be enabled. PhD candidates can review parts from the digital programme at any moment they need them. This is valuable especially for external PhD candidates, because this enables the EGSL to anticipate the different influx moments;
  • the exposure of EGSL will grow, which is good for international relations;
  • the digital environment could be used in the recruitment progress in the future.


When the revision has finished and has been evaluated, the results will be published.  

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